About Us

Psalm 23




This is us!

Hello, we are the Thomas family

Where it Began

We are a family of 6 that live on a farm in the Midwest. Dane and I (Jami) grew up in this area. We both knew this was where we would stay to grow our own family. Dane grew up on a farm; however, I was clueless. In 2014, Dane came home one evening and told me that a farm he had been watching since he was a kid was up for sale. I never dreamed we would actually have a chance to purchase it. We already had bought a small home outside of town and were starting our family with our first born, (Eli) and were pregnant with our second (Eden). I was content and wasn’t looking for any big changes in our life. By October that year, the children who inherited the property from their parents didn’t want it and decided to place it for sale. Dane said, “we have to jump on it.” I was not thrilled about it, but he went and met with the son, skipped the realtor, and before we knew it, we had 160 acres for a fraction of the price.

This is us now

Fast forward through some years of God’s refining, we had 2 more children (Ezra and Elkin) and have been working the land slowly as my husband has worked relentlessly on the road to pay off debt. God dealt with my hardened and bitter heart towards this land because it has taken my husband away to pay for it. This process has tested and tried our marriage, but it has strengthened us in so many ways. After submitting to the call to homeschool my children and cutting back on my job as an oncology nurse, I began to see the simple life of hard work on the farm and pouring into my children as something I desire more and more. We are taking it one day at a time, seeking the Lord, asking Him to teach us the fundamentals again, what it is to be a Christian family seeking to steward well what Jesus has provided, and live each day with His eternal purpose in mind.