Sulfate-free Natural Shampoo Bar

I find joy in being with others and instructing on making products, rather than just selling them. I love sharing what I have learned with others, and being able to see them eager to learn is so rewarding. I recently taught a class on making shampoo bars, and thought I would share a basic recipe below. 

The recipe I am sharing is sulfate-free and made from all natural derived products. This basic recipe should accommodate all hair types and is also safe for babies! 

Instead of being in depth with how to formulate a recipe I will give you the measurements for a 3 ounce bar. The details on the products and where you can find them will be linked on each individual item. 

Shampoo Bar

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Instructions: Mix the surfactant SCI powder, SCI noodles, and the foaming silk together gently. The SCI powder can be irritating to the lungs, please use with caution and in a well ventilated area. 

In a separate container, melt together the butter and waxes (Shea butter, cetyl alcohol, stearic acid, and NatureMuls). 

After fully melted, pour the butter and waxes in with the already mixed surfactants. Mix all ingredients together, thoroughly. 

When cooled, mix in the remaining ingredients. At this time you may color the product with clay or vegetable powders and add essential oils. 

Allow the product to air dry for a couple hours until the product is moldable to shape into your bar. After a couple days the shampoo bar should be completely hardened and ready for use. 

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