Beekeeping Adventure

When I was younger, I lived across the street from an elderly man who kept bees. I always thought it was so cool how he would just go out there and mess with them with no protective gear on. Dane also had a grandfather who kept bees. He inherited all his grandfather’s bee hive boxes/frames, and hoped he could use them someday. We both agreed we wanted to add bees to Thomas Green Pastures. A lot of people, including myself, want bees for the benefit of honey. However, bees have so many other benefits such as pollination to encourage plant and tree growth. They also supply bee propolis and bee wax for homemade medicinal products.

To begin this adventure, I am one who likes to do my research. I borrowed books from a friend who encouraged me to get bees as well. I also watched several videos on beekeeping. After researching, I thought I was ready to go; however, Dane was out again on the road. I didn’t want to do this on my own because I knew how much he wanted to be apart of this beneficial addition to our farm. As I waited for our bee adoption, I knew my friend Stephanie (from our local church Body) and her mom, Miss Dana (is what our family calls her) have bee hives.

I was determined to learn more and wanted some hands on learning. They graciously invited me over to take a look at their hives. Miss Dana was so sweet to sit and entertain the kiddos (she is so gifted with children), as I anxiously listened to Stephanie speak about the gear and began to suit up. She coached me on being calm and when to recognize aggressive behavior. “When you hear hits on your hood that sound like rain drops, just walk away.”

I was so anxious but focused on not panicking. We get to the bees and she opens the first hive, they flew in the air and many were just working away. I was instantly wanting to take a closer look. I calmly stood by her and we just watched them. She began to explain their workings and design. The whole design just intrigued me and she spoke about how bees are so amazing and fascinating to her.

Well after that I called Dane up and explained all I learned! He was so excited and decided we needed to get our hives that following spring. In April 2023, we received our first, not one, but two hives. We decided to purchase starter hives that include 5 frames with an Italian queen, worker bees and some frames with brood (unhatched bees). Dane was on the road so the pick up was left to me. I requested a day off from work so I could focus picking them up and getting them settled on the farm. I was not comfortable with putting them in my enclosed SUV, so I borrowed my brothers truck to take the hour and half drive to pick up our bees. The company that we received them from were not very interactive. When I arrived for pick up they gave me a few tips and basically said good luck! The man taped the opening and loaded them up.

I was so nervous on the drive back. If you don’t already know, bees are an investment and they are not cheap. I wanted them to be successful and I didn’t want to harm them. I prayed so much that day for the Lord to help me and my eldest son to get them home safely. When we arrived home I suited up and carry each box to their, meticulously thought out, destination on the farm. My brother was so kind to find left overs on the homestead to build a platform for them. Before I strapped them down, I took some time to assess them and find the queens. Thanking the Lord for each step, and our adopted bees had made it home at Thomas Green Pastures.

When I got them settled I continued to update Stephanie on the process, and she offered to come and check them out with me. About a week later she comes over. What is beautiful is that we not only spoke about bees and work together on moving them to a safer location, but we sat and discussed life. Our time together turned into koinonia. We had fellowship on what the Lord was doing and where we were at in our walk. We discussed our children and struggles of Christ-centered upbringing with the distractions and lies all around us, from the world. I wish we had a meal but that did not keep us from sitting at the picnic table and having communion.

Stay tuned for more of the adventure, that includes both obstacles and triumphs. Meanwhile, please read more about my family in Christ Jesus, the Reese Family. They have been God sent additions to Dane, myself, and our kiddos. They, on so many other occasions, have been ones we could have koinonia or Christian fellowship with, and we are thankful that the Lord has placed them in our path, here in this life.

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Koinonia: The Reese Family

Hello. My name is Stephanie and I have two daughters who are three and fourteen years old. I have been a nurse for twelve years and when I am not working, the girls and I enjoy being outside, traveling, riding dirt bikes, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and rediscovering the world around us with the little one.

I grew up in a small town on a farm where my parents had a huge garden and we basically raised everything we ate. I was raised to know where my food came from, to work hard for what I want, and to love Jesus.

I asked Jesus in my heart when I was five and was baptized in the Jack’s Fork River. Throughout life’s ups and downs, I drifted from my faith and rededicated my life to Christ as an adult and chose to be baptized again in the Jack’s Fork River.

I have always been interested in beekeeping, so I decided to get my first hive about 7 years ago. My original thoughts were how hard can it be it’s just bees, a box, and honey. Oh my was I wrong. I jokingly say that beekeeping is for the rich and retired and I am neither.

Throughout the years I have gained knowledge through local bee meetings, and mostly through my own experience of trial and error of what works and doesn’t work. I bought my first bee nuc, hive body, frames, and 2 hive tools to be set for success and gradually grew my supplies and tools throughout the year by making it myself or finding bargains.

I find it fascinating to learn and watch the bees as I feel they prove God’s existence how meticulous they are in their work and communication, and how they serve an important role in this world. This year I had six hives but unfortunately, I lost two, one to hive moths and the other swarmed. This was also a big year of trying new things, as I attempted my first split which was a success and I also started selling my honey, Alpha Omega, at a local feed store. God is Alpha and Omega and these are the names of my first and THIRD hive, I thought I would stop at three (the last being Omega) but I did not.

My goal is to raise my own bees growing my hives by splits and catching wild swarms that need a home.
To anyone that is interested in beekeeping, I say go for it, find a local bee club or someone that keeps bees to walk along beside you to get you confident to spread your wings in beekeeping.

I will leave you with this advice which is our family motto. Represent well. Represent yourself, represent your family, and represent God well. And one last thing, as my dad would always say, “Don’t worry, BEE happy”.


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